Friday, December 3, 2010

Three Stooges Movie

Three Stooges MovieThere's a new Three Stooges movie ahead of us. The project isn't really new but it was stuck in development limbo because of MGM's financial woes. Fortunately 20th Century Fox is now taking over. They have scheduled to start production in March 2011.

The film will be directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly based on a script they wrote. It is not a biopic but a fictional treatment that maintains the Stooges' gleeful slapstick humor updated for our time.

"The movie will start out with the stooges being dumped on the front of the orphanage where they grew up. The movie will then follow them into their adult lives and the comedy will ensue."

A few words from the Farrelly brothers (via Deadline) about their take on the Three Stooges:

"The script is ready to go, and we are opening up these roles to the world right now. We'll make it with the best possible people. Our feeling is that no star is too big to audition and no matter who it is, we're going to have to see him in the role. This is not The Flintstones. You've got to be Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard, and that could be a major movie star or an unknown… Our goal is 85 minutes of laughs in a film that will be very respectful of who the Stooges were. It's by far the riskiest project we’ve ever done, without question, but it is also the one closest to our hearts."
Director Peter Farrelly

It's sad that Jim Carrey and Sean Penn who were previously attached to the remake aren't on board the project anymore. But I guess the door hasn't been closed yet, so they could well come back.

More details about the Three Stooges movie soon!

Who do you think they should cast to play the Three Stooges?